THREAD Support



Over the course of your studies, you may encounter situations where technical support is needed. This article provides information on when and how to contact THREAD Support.

When to Contact Support

THREAD Support is only available for technical support questions related to our platform and services. Questions/concerns related to a specific study or that are medical in nature should be directed to the appropriate study sponsor, study manager, and/or research site. For any medical emergencies, participants should contact their local emergency services.

How to Contact Support

THREAD Support is available for technical support questions 24/7, 365 days a year and can be contacted via email at or via phone at the below toll free numbers:

Country Toll-Free Number
Argentina 08002667587
Australia 1800497145
Austria 08000706227
Belgium 080080783
Brazil 08000474765
Bulgaria 008001194460
Canada 18669410843
Chile 800393390
China 4006399232
Czech Republic 800701337













Ireland 1800200942
Israel 1809349225
Italy 800923310
Japan 0120983570
Malaysia 800819407
Mexico 018005229992
Netherlands 08003837001
New Zealand 0800452801
Poland 800919349
Portugal 800506135
Romania  0800400674
Russia 88003014569
Serbia 0800301110
Slovenia 080081891 
South Africa 0800166498
South Korea 0803608774
Spain 900814322
Sweden 020980722
Switzerland 0800200249 
Taiwan 00801128216
Thailand 1800132013902
Turkey 08006212368
Uganda 800113436
Ukraine 0800801318
United Kingdom 08001690411
United States 18889484732

When contacting support, please include the following information (if applicable):

  • Client
  • Study ID

  • Participant ID

  • Site ID
  • Portal URL
  • Device Specs - Android/iOS, phone/tablet, OS version, make & model... 

  • General summary of the issue

  • Screenshots of summary

Do not include:

  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII) unless requested by technical support staff

  • Personal Health Information (PHI), please do not share any medical history

  • Questions regarding health during the study. All health related questions should be directed to the study doctor. If it's an emergency, please contact your local medical emergency services

Additional Notes

  • Many common technical support questions are answered in our FAQ section